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Doubles – Australian Formation – The PTR site of TennisGate

Tennis Gator September 23, 2018 Doubles. ... In the Australian formation the net player stand on the same side as the server to start the point. The server serves from the middle of the court (just as in singles)

Australian Formation | How To Make It And Break It | TENNIS ...

Don’t you just hate when you’re playing doubles and serving to the ad court, and your opponent constantly rips a cross-court winner to your backhand?

Australian Formation in Doubles - Tennis Tips

Many players approach doubles the same way. For example, when serving from the duece side, the server will stand out wide and his/ ...

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The complete tennis guide to a winning doubles strategy!

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Doubles tennis is recognized globally. But not many know that this format of lawn tennis has more than one variation.

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Tennis doubles strategy is essential and can take your team to the next level.

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Read our list of the top 12 tennis double strategies for you and your partner.

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Easy guide on where you're allowed to stand when serving and receiving in doubles tennis.

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Tennis, Đôi Nam Nữ: Các tỉ số trực tiếp, lịch thi đấu, nhánh đấu Úc Mở rộng Đôi Nam Nữ.